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Star Wars Celebration 2019


Check back often, for the latest updates on our Star Wars Celebration Exclusives & First to Markets!

Rancor Set (Exclusive): Star Wars Celebration Official Show Store / Price: $60.00

Plastic Tumblers (FTM): Booth #3319 / Price: $12.99 or 2 for $25

18pc Mini Muglets Set (FTM / Exclusive): Booth #3319 / Pre-Order the 18pc Mini Muglets Set and receive a LIMITED "GOLD" EDITION C-3PO - EXCLUSIVE to Star Wars Celebration. Set includes Darth Vader Geeki Tikis® Collector Case. Price: $180.00

Millennium Falcon Set (FTM): Booth #3319 Pre-Order the Millennium Falcon Set and receive a FREE SET of 4 Star Wars Swizzle Sticks! Set includes Millennium Falcon + Chewbacca and Han Solo Mini Muglets. Price: $100.00

Geeki Tikis Coaster Set of 4 (Exclusive): Booth #3319 Coasters are Earthware on front with a cork backing and measure 4" x 4". Price: $40.00

Geeki Tikis Swizzle SticksBooth #3319 / 9" tall, plastic Swizzle Sticks. Price: $3.00/ea or 4 for $10.00

Han Solo vs. Greedo 2pk (FTM): Booths #1942 & #2623 / Price: $50.00

Death Star (FTM): Booths #1942 & #2623 / Price: $40.00

Star Wars Series 3 (FTM): Booth #2815 / Price: $19.99-29.99

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Hey guys the Star Wars new releases look amazing and can’t wait to see a full breakdown!!!! I unfortunately won’t be able to make it too celebration this year due to my wedding , so I am wondering what is the celebration exclusive cause I’ll get buddy to grab it. I have all the ones released so can’t have holes in the collection lol well thank you for your time and have a wicked celebration , oh and will the plastic hot tub cups be there too? For sure need a trooper Posted by Randy cusack on 03/26/19
Hello Fun Tiki Team, I Really wanted to get the Rancor and Luke Star Wars Celebration exclusive Tiki when at Celebration in Chicago with my father. The new system had me confused so how do I ensure I can get your beautiful and creative tiki plus...more Star Wars tikis on our trip? I really appreciate this and May The Force Be With You on your journey to Celebration :) Much Mahalo, Ashley Smith Posted by Ashley Smith on 03/27/19
Interested in the Star Wars mugs and shots. But I can’t make it to the celebration :( Will we be able to purchase everything online? Posted by Stacy Topham on 04/01/19
Where can I get the Millennium Falcon? Will it be available for online purchase?? Love it!! Posted by Doug Motz on 04/06/19
Are these for sale out with SW celebration? Posted by Mikey on 04/06/19
Hello! Is there any way to order the Death Star or Millenium Falcon mugs online? Or do you know when they will be available for purchase online? Thank you! Brandy Scaglione Posted by Brandy Scaglione on 04/06/19
Hello, I’m inquiring on how to preorder the millennium falcon set . We will be unable to attend the Star wars 2019 celebration however I would like to purchase the set. Please let me know, Thank you Stefanie Galioto 937.308.2088 Posted by Stefanie Galioto on 04/06/19
Millennium Falcon Mug Posted by Vince on 04/06/19
I can’t wait for the millennium falcon to be released!!!!! Posted by Patrick on 04/07/19
Great Star Wars stuff!!! Posted by Stacey McCarter on 04/07/19
Hello, how do I pre order the millennium falcon set??? Posted by Josh Deutsch on 04/07/19
Love all of these! Won’t be at Celebration this year, so glad to hear most of these will be available after the show! Posted by Eric Morgan on 04/07/19
Big star wars fan Posted by Michelle Martinez on 04/07/19
I'm trying to preorder the millennium falcon set. Can you please send me the link? Posted by Adam Gallardo on 04/07/19
Hi there, So my girlfriend just showed my your Instagram page. Your products are awesome. I would like to pre-order the Millennium Falcon set. What do I need to do? Looking forward to hearing back from you. Best, Corey Leiker Posted by Corey Leiker on 04/08/19
I'd like to sign up for your newsletter please and anything else regarding the new Star Wars Tiki mugs that will be released. Thank you. Posted by Jerome Ricardez on 04/10/19
Please sign me up for your newsletter Posted by Sharla Butler on 04/10/19
Love these Posted by Rick Tencza on 04/10/19
Good Afternoon, I was wondering if it was at all possible the Geeki Tikki Millennium Falcon Set would be available for purchase not at the exhibition. Unfortunately I am not well enough to travel and I was supposed to be there I was going to buy this set for my brothers for their birthdays and surprise them. Is there anyway you would be able to help me out I am sorry but my Lupus does not always allow me to do everything I want even when I have things scheduled months in advance? I am looking for all the Rancor, the Millennium Falcon and the Death Star. Please let me know if there is anything you can do to help. Posted by Meghan Weingard on 04/11/19
I want all of the Star Wars Geeki Tikis but could not go to Celebration. I hope there will be an opportunity to order them! Posted by Dennis Sheridan on 04/12/19
Will the Celebration exclusives be made available after the convention? Posted by Ed Cuddy on 04/12/19
Is there a way to pre order the millennium falcon if you are not at the Star Wars Celebration? Posted by Ann Marie Bashore on 04/13/19
LOVE your products! Please sign me up for the newsletter. Thanks! Posted by Kim on 04/13/19
I love the star wars tikis I bought from swcc 2019. I feel like these are going to become a collector items for me. Thank you for such a great product! Posted by Tyler Powell on 04/14/19
Can I preorder the millennium falcon tiki online? Posted by MeganTanturri on 04/14/19
I would be interested in the Star Wars Collection Please. Please inform me where I can purchase online Please. Thank you !!! Posted by Edward Saso on 04/15/19
Hi, Is the Millenium Falcon set or a version of it going to be offered online? Thank you! Tom W. Posted by Tom Wiemann on 04/15/19
How do I preorder items? Do you have to be at the Star Wars Celebration? When I try to click on the item from this page nothing happens. Please help. Posted by Joe C on 04/15/19
When will the Millennium Falcon mug be available to those of us that can’t make it to Star Wars Celebration? Posted by John Brueggen on 04/19/19
I love your tiki cups! Please let me know where to purchase your new Star Wars collection Posted by Neo on 04/20/19
Millennium Falcon Set , when can I get one. Posted by keith gabris on 04/21/19
I am excited to receive your newsletters, and keep up to date on Trader Sam’s Tiki releases/other news. Posted by Debbi Blanchard on 04/24/19
Can we purchase the Millennium Falcon direct from you? Posted by Chuck Nordquist on 04/28/19
Is the millennium falcon set on sale now? Posted by Felipe San Miguel on 04/29/19
Hello! Was unable to make it to the convention this year. I am a huge fan of Geeki Tiki, specifiaclly the Star Wars editions. They are simply amazing, best of the brand as far as I am concerned. I was wondering if you have any intentions of releasing the Rancor/Skywalker set for store purchase. It's reached epic proportons on eBay to try and snag one; hefty price tag seems to be hovering around $200! Please tell me you have plans to share the exclusive with a retailer. Thanks so much!! Mahalo!! Posted by Toby Andrews on 05/08/19
Is there a way I can pre order rancor and millennium falcon without go to see celebration Posted by Bryan Bernstein on 05/20/19
Hi, would love to get the Millennium Falcon, is there a location in vegas to purchase one? Posted by Kina on 05/30/19
Wondering on when the millennium falcon will be available? Posted by FELIPE SAN MIGUEL on 06/07/19

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