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Mythosaur Skull

Mythosaur Skull

Beeline Creative, Inc.

Behold the Mythosaur Skull mug!

Mythosaurs were creatures of gigantic proportions found on the Outer Rim World of Mandalore.  They were allegedly tamed and ridden by ancient Mandalorians. 

Although long extinct, this traditional symbol of Mandalorian iconography can now be admired as the Galaxy's coolest drinking vessel.  And to be quite honest, doesn't your favorite beverage just taste better out of the skull of a Mythosaur?

This 18oz. MEGA Mug measures approximately 8 inches high x 6.25 inches wide and is made from heavyweight stoneware.  It features a beautiful grey glaze with a darker wash which accentuates the details of the skull.

Experience the aloha with every sip!