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Mr. Monopoly

Mr. Monopoly

Beeline Creative, Inc.

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Mr. Monopoly, originally known as Rich Uncle Milburn Pennybags, has gone TIKI! 

Mr. Monopoly is the long-standing mascot of Parker Brothers' (later Hasbro's) classic Monopoly game and might we say he looks better than ever in a beautiful metallic gold plating with white interior, featuring his iconic money bags, cane and top hat.

The Geeki Tikis® Mr. Monopoly Mug is made from ceramic, features beautiful detailing true to the iconic character and holds 12 ounces of your favorite beverage.

Each mug comes in a numbered package and is limited to an edition of just 250pcs.

Its rumored that drinking from a Mr. Monopoly mug will bring you lots of good fortune and fun!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a "Warehouse Find."  These are "Artist Proofs" run alongside the original production in limited quantities.  No Returns or Exchanges.